Thoughts from Within – Woody Harrelson

April 28, 2010

interesting thoughts about the world from Woody Harrelson


Random info

April 6, 2010

Some random info…

-Mercury was found in some High Fructose Corn Syrup. (and that stuff is in alot of products. Another reason to be raw.).

-Food and dna responds to emotions/words. So be nice to your food and yourself. Think positive.
(water does too but that was in a different article that I can’t locate right now)

-Found a good book called “Becoming Raw” that covers nutrition for raw foodists and also myths, recipes, etc. It has a good list of 50 foods that have the most antioxidants too…for example that would be apples, blueberries, plums, strawberries, dates, avocados, pecans, walnuts, etc. (Most things I already eat). =)

-I found a good recipe for raw Falafel that I’m going to try to make soon.

-So far I lost about 54 pounds. (and counting. Now I have to go shopping for more new clothes that fit better since alot of my old clothes are too big for me)

-I got a food dehydrator. I’ll try that out in the future. Someone gave me a recipe for some yummy raw cookies so that may become my first test dummy. =)

-Watched a video clip that shows that the silver fillings in your mouth release mercury. Shows the actual vapors come off of it.

-Sprouts, especially sunflower sprouts, are extremely nutritious.

-I’ve got to remember to stay outside more every day and get my Vitamin D from sunshine.

-I visited a local organic vegetable garden and now know where to get more fresh local veggies. =)

Update on Weight Watchers

February 19, 2010

I got weighed again last night at my Weight Watchers meeting and I’m down another 6 pounds. So since 1/9/09, I’m down -47.2 pounds. (I was down 50 in october last year but I gained a little during my halloween bahamas cruise (damn buffets) and also dealing with buying a home). But now I’m losing again so I’m happy. Back on track. =)

Visiting organic garden

February 12, 2010

I’ll be visiting an organic garden this weekend called “Garden of Eden”.

“The Garden of Eden, a compact farm owned and operated by Eden Autism Services of Florida, produces organic vegetables and tropical fruits for sale to area restaurants and farm markets. With help from community volunteers, the produce is farmed by Eden’s K-12 students and adults with autism.”

Should be fun. I am interested in seeing what food they are growing locally in sw florida.

Update on WW

July 31, 2009

Update: My “Weight Watchers at Work” program ended at work on 7/23/09. I was on it for 28 weeks and lost -42.2 lbs. on it. And since they probably won’t be continuing it at work since not enough people signed up again, I decided to continue on myself and start attending a local Weight Watchers meeting elsewhere in the community. I got weighed in at that meeting for the first time yesterday and it shows I’m now down -42.8 lbs. I want to lose another 36.2 lbs so I’m continuing on!

Food inc movie

July 13, 2009

Problem: Americans typically eat unhealthy, processed and/or genetically engineered foods with not alot of nutrients. Yes it’s cheap food but it’ll make you sick. And that’s just plain crazy.

Solution: Eat local, organic food. Also read ingredients and get informed.
Here’s a good film that’s going to come out in the theaters towards the end of the year in more theaters across the U.S. It takes about the big food problem: “Food, inc”


April 29, 2009

What’s crazy?: Brushing your teeth with a toxic chemical.

Brushing your teeth is as common a part of your daily routine as eating or sleeping, but have you ever really looked at the warning labels on a tube of toothpaste? “If you accidentally swallow more than the amount needed for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately.” And “Don’t swallow-Use only pea size amount for children under six.”

Why the warnings for such a seemingly harmless activity? Because the fluoride in your toothpaste is so incredibly toxic that it could actually kill a child. According to the Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products, fluoride is more toxic than lead and only slightly less toxic than arsenic. That makes it arguably one of the most toxic chemicals in the environment. And we put this stuff in toothpaste and water?

Floridation has been a great medical experiment that we have all been unknowingly subjected to. Unfortunately, most of the world is unaware of this experiment’s failure. Apparently the initial reason fluoride was added to water and toothpaste was to prevent tooth decay. And yes, tooth decay has continually declined since the 1970’s, with fluoride often taking the credit.

Interestingly enough, however tooth decay has declined at about the same rate in countries that do not put fluoride in the water supply. Japan and all of continental Europe have ended the practice due to safety concerns, and many fluoride experiments in Third World countries have been stopped because of the harmful effects on the population.

How harmful is fluoride? Over time, it accumulates in the body and studies show that it can cause damage to teeth, kidneys, bones, nerves, muscles, genes and immune function. According to Dr. William Marcus, senior scientist at the EPA, fluoride is the only substance known to cause bone cancer. Not suprisingly, bone cancer rates are 80-600 percent higher in communities that fluoridate the water. Fluoride causes hyperactivity, according to studies performed on animals, and a 1996 study in China found that fluoride negatively affected children’s IQ.

But there must be some dental benefits of adding fluoride to our water supply, right? Wrong. After over 50 years of widespread use and testing, no scientific proof exists that shows fluoride prevents tooth decay. Actually, most research shows that it may cause dental problems. If you want to understand why we put fluoride in our water just follow the money.

Right now cigarette makers are shelling out billions in lawsuits for selling products they knew were not safe. If a wide-scale campaign was launched and the truth came out about fluoride, toothpaste manufacturers, fluoride manufacturers and municipal water suppliers would all be held accountable. Can you imagine the legal and financial repercussions if they were to admit their error? The consequences would be astounding.


Alternative solution: Buy toothpaste without flouride from a health food store. Also since they put flouride in our tap water, buy distilled water and drink that instead.

Another good article on Fluoride: click  here.