Dairy Alternatives

Consuming dairy is very bad for your health and the animals. (example: The China Study showed that the milk protein casein causes cancer. And you are not a baby animal so you do not need a baby animal’s milk.)

So here are some good alternatives to dairy:

Non-dairy milks:
Almond milk, soy milk, hemp milk, cashew milk, rice milk, oat milk, macadamia nut milk, coconut milk, etc. And there are some non-dairy milks that have more calcium than dairy milks.

So Delicious is one brand I use and they make lots of different non-dairy milks, creamers, yogurts and non-dairy ice creams that are delicious. See: http://sodeliciousdairyfree.com/products

Others: WestSoy soy milk, Rice dream, etc..

Non-dairy cheese products, butter and more:

There are lots of options out there for vegan cheeses but here are some that I like:

Kite Hill‘s cream cheese and other non-dairy products. (they have 2 cream cheeses: regular and chive. I like the latter one better. You can get them at Whole Foods market and some Publix stores.)
Tofutti non-dairy cream cheese. (They also offer non-dairy sour cream, slices, ricotta, and other products such as non-dairy ice cream and frozen foods. And I tried their non-dairy ice cream at the plaza ice cream parlor on main street inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom and liked it.)
Earth Balance vegan cheddar squares taste just like Cheezit crackers. I think they recently won the VegMag survey for best snack. They also offer other products such as vegan cheese flavor puffs and more. (you can find them at Whole Foods market)
-If you want another cheesy snack, try the vegan Nacho flavored bean & rice chips by Beanfield’s. See their vegan chips here.
Earth Balance vegan butters.
-Vegenaise by Follow Your Heart is a good vegan alternative to mayonaisse. And they have other products such as vegan cheese, vegan eggs, dressings and more.
Daiya sells non-dairy cheeses, pizzas, cheesecakes, yogurt and packaged macaroni and cheese. I only like their Daiya deluxe Alfredo style cheezy mac. (you can find alot of their products at Whole Foods market)
-Amy’s kitchen has some good frozen foods such as “dairy-free rice mac & cheeze” that uses Daiya cheese. I found them in Whole Foods market and my local regular supermarket. Not all products by Amy’s Kitchen are dairy-free but she does have a lot of different vegan products available. See their vegan section here of vegan frozen foods, soups and more. They are widely available. I even saw some at Target.
The Honest Stand‘s dairy-free cheese dips. They’re low fat and oil free too. I like their “mild nacho dip” for dipping tortilla dips in, and I like their “cheddar style dip” to mix into cooked pasta for a non-dairy mac & cheese dish. (You can find them at stores such as Lucky’s market)

Non-dairy ice cream and frozen desserts:

There are alot of dairy-free options in health food stores such as Whole Foods market. And now you can find some products such as some of Ben & Jerry’s 9 non-dairy flavors at stores like Walmart, Publix, Target, etc. Plus also Breyer’s 2 non-dairy flavors at Walmart. (tip: let Breyer’s melt a bit and it tastes even better). And Talenti has a line of sorbettos that are dairy free. (do not get coffee flavor because it has eggs). Just look for the word “sorbetto” instead of “gelato” on the label because they call their non-dairy ones “sorbettos”. I found it at my regular supermarket, Publix. Plus there’s other brands such as SoDelicious which has many desserts, which I have found at Whole Foods, Walmart and sometimes Target. Haagen-Dazs also now has non-dairy ice cream flavors in stores (like Publix and Target) and in their shops. (I like their peanut butter chocolate fudge flavor). Some Target stores usually have alot more brands and flavors.

So there’s no excuse to eat dairy with so many non-dairy options out there. Dairy is not good for you, and harms animals. You can find most products at Whole Foods market, some supermarkets or other health food stores. And some products are available in regular stores such as Daiya cheeze, Amy’s Kitchen products, Earth Balance butters, some non-dairy milks and more. Check the health food stores and supermarkets near you. You may be surprised.


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