Causes of Cancer

April is National Cancer Control Month. Prevention is key.
Here are some “Known” and Suspected Causes of Cancer:

Some of that is similar to what another smart doctor came across and which I posted about previously:

Raw Food Treatment of CancerMy advice if you want to prevent or cure cancer or other illnesses:

1. Lessen your exposure to the above causes as much as possible.
2. Go on a raw food vegan diet. (Eat as high a percentage of raw food as you can and especially eat organic greens, vegetables and sprouts. And be aware of your daily nutritional needs.)
3. Be aware of your acid/alkaline balance in your body. Test it.
4. If you have cancer, also include vegetable juices and wheat grass juice. And you may also want to attend Hippocrates’ LifeChange program.
5. If you have excess fat, lose weight since toxins are stored in your fat. A raw food diet can help with that.
6. Get enough vitamins (especially B vitamins) and enzymes and oxygen.
“If the respiration of the body cells can be kept intact by adding enough enzymes, cancer could be prevented.” (cooking food destroys 100% of enzymes.). And “Keep the speed of the bloodstream so high the venous blood still contains sufficient oxygen. Add seaweed extracts like Dulse to your food to boost the metabolic rate, drink lots of clean water, exercise regularly”
7. Think positively.

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