Acid and Alkaline and also diet sodas

Check out this video on an explanation of acid and alkaline foods. (Being too acidic leads to disease). And also why diet soda can cause weight gain.

Problem: Most people today are too acidic due to eating meat, fish, nuts, sodas, dairy, coffee, processed foods, etc.

Solution: Find out what your Ph level is so you can know if you are too acidic or not. Get some Ph test strips and then start eating more alkaline foods such as veggies.

Also if you’re addicted to acidic drinks like coffee, diet soda, soft drinks, etc. then try to find alternatives. For example, instead of coffee drink Teeccino a non-acidic coffee alternative or drink water.

Good link: Acid/Alkaline food list


2 Responses to Acid and Alkaline and also diet sodas

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  2. […] greens, vegetables and sprouts. And be aware of your daily nutritional needs.) 3. Be aware of your acid/alkaline balance in your body. Test it. 4. If you have cancer, also include vegetable juices and wheat grass juice. […]

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