Raw dishes – february

As you might know from my recent post on raw foods, I’m now eating a 100% vegan raw food diet. Here’s some Vegan Raw Food dishes I ate over the past week:

Raw Spaghetti (uses zucchini)

Raw Canneloni with salad

Mock Salmon Salad with lettuce

Raw Soft Taco with spanish rice, cherry tomatoes and guacamole
(also had some black-eyed peas)

Raw Romaine Salad with carrots, almonds and herb vinagrette dressing.

Raw Fettucini Alfredo (uses zucchini for noodles)

closeup of raw fettucini alfredo. It was fantastic.

Raw Vegan Caesar Salad with croutons

and organic Fruit and salad.

I tried starfruit too which reminded me of a mild orange.
Overall all the food was great and I ordered some raw food “cook” books so I can eat more raw dishes full of enzymes and other nutrients. I also ordered a vegetable spiral slicer so zucchini can be sliced into yummy noodles. Much healthier.


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