Sleep longer

Problem: Heart disease is the #1 killer in America.
Solution: Learn about health and do what you can to prolong your life. (I also recommend eating a vegan diet since cholesterol is in animal products and animals.) But also here’s another interesting article…
“People who try to get by with a minimum amount of sleep are more likely to develop hardening of their arteries – a precursor of heart disease.
Researchers found calcified arteries in nearly a third of people who slept five or fewer hours a night. But this figure dropped to around one in 10 for those who slept just an extra hour, according to a Journal of the American Medical Association study of 495 adults.
The results might be down to high blood pressure, which increases the likelihood of calcification. A good night’s rest, which ideally, should be eight hours, makes a difference because blood pressure levels are often lower during sleep.” So get a good night’s rest.

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