Raw food

I’m curious about the raw food movement/diet. I’m going to try to eat more raw food and incorporate more organic unprocessed natural food full of nutrients.

For the record, here’s a somewhat “official” explanation of a raw food diet: “The raw food diet is a diet based on unprocessed and uncooked plant foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, sprouted grains, sprouted beans, nuts, dried fruit, and seaweed. Heating food above 116 degrees F is believed to destroy enzymes in food that can assist in the digestion and absorption of food. Cooking is also thought to diminish the nutritional value and ‘life force’ of food.”

I read that cooking food destroys or unables the use of up to 85% of the food’s nutrients. I don’t know about you but I want all my nutrients. (by the way I heard it’s 105 degrees not 116. Basically some things can be heated in a dehydrator at very low temperatures to get warm if needed.)

Today’s food I ate on 2/12/10…
Breakfast: 1 large organic peach
Lunch: “Vegan Sushi Rolls & Asian Sesame Seed Salad” (a raw dish at Food & thought’s cafe. A nori wrap with carrots, avocado, miso, veggies. And an asian salad with ginger dressing, sesame seeds, red and yellow peppers and carrots, etc. It was delicious.)
Snack/dessert: slice of lemon poppy seed cake (at food & thought)
Dinner: sweet potato, steamed greens (going to try to cut down or eliminate cooked food in the future, Goal: 75-100% raw)

I’ve been coming across several people online who have healed themselves of diseases/illnesses by going on a raw food diet.  I also read about a study where two people (a meat-eater and a vegan who ate cooked food) were put on a raw food diet for 6 months, then their blood was tested and the blood cells looked all separated from each other (the way a baby’s blood looks) and which show that cells can move independently to carry oxygen to the body efficiently.) But after the ate one meal with cooked food their blood cells were all clumped together and looked very differently. Carrying less oxygen to the body. Thought that was very interesting.

Here’s some links I found about raw food:
www.rawFor30days.com (“Simply raw: Reversing diabetes in 30 days” film and “Raw for life”)
Six reasons why you should eat more raw foods

Raw recipe sites:
raw-food-diet-inspiration.com (raw pizza, raw mexican recipes, etc.)
raw food recipes on vegweb.com
rawguru.com’s recipes
rawketscience.com’s recipes (raw pizza, etc.)
therawtable.com’s recipes (has some good desserts)
raw food recipe videos on YouTube
rawgourmet.com’s recipes
theSunnyRawKitchen blog’s recipes for raw pizza crust and calzones
GLiving’s raw recipes (mostly desserts)
goneRaw.com (has lots of recipes and a forum)
All Raw Directory (many recipes and alot more)
-Raw girl scout cookies: here and here (also has other cookies)
RawMazing (falafel, flatbread, chocolate mousse, chocolate truffles, etc.)
Raw Epicurean
ChoosingRaw.com’s recipes (great list and pics)
Raw chef Ani Phyo’s recipes
Some Zucchini Pasta recipes

Online communities:
Find a raw food event/group near you

Purely delicious magazine
Vibrance eZine
EightyPercentRaw eZine
Living Raw magazine (Australian)
Get Fresh magazine and eZine (UK)

Signup for free eNewsletter:
“Feel Light, Take Flight” at rawfoodsWitch.com

Great offer: For a Free digital copy of the book “Simple guide to Eating Raw” with over 100 raw recipes, click here.

For more raw food info and recipes, see the other sites listed in the Blogroll on the right of my blog. Or if you just want to see some photos of raw food then check out my “Photos of what I eat“.

or See my Recommendations for Books, dvd’s and products related to raw food.

or read my blog post that lists various foods for getting your nutritional needs met.

Read about various nuts. (also contains a link to info about soaking)

I’m also going to a raw food potluck and discussion on 2/15/10 by raw food author/chef and speaker Paul Nison. (he’s been on a raw diet for 15 years and healed himself of a disease). So we’ll see how that goes. (update: the talk and raw potluck was great)


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  12. Elizabeth says:

    Hi fellow raw living food group member!! I am anxious to sit down w/ a cup of herbal tea and read through your blog. Happy raw eating!!

  13. Real Noni says:

    really motivating! thank you for this post 🙂

  14. Noni says:

    WOW! So much information in one place, thank you for posting 🙂

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