Vegans do not consume animals or animal products. Why go vegan? Here’s some good articles: 

“Most people think this (veganism) is an unhealthy lifestyle, but in actuality it is extremely healthy. … Being a vegan will completely rid your life of virtually all processed foods, and all the poisons found in fast-food and other things that your body just wasn’t meant to intake. Eating in this manner will give you an incredibly healthier lifestyle. “

And some studies say that vegans live 11-13 years longer than other people. Personally I know it definitely reduces cholesterol alot (it did mine) and therefore reduces your risk of heart disease which is America’s #1 killer. Cancer and stroke risk is reduced too.

It’s also good for the environment and the hungry…

  • “If the 670 million tons of the world’s grain that is fed to livestock were reduced by just 10 percent, the resulting grain could feed 225 million people”
  • “If you’re eating a healthy diet and you’re a vegan, you are leaving less of a footprint on the Earth.” -from the founder of VegNews

Also, more celebrities are becoming vegan. Ellen Degeneres and musician Moby are vegans. Alanis Morissette became a vegan this year and lost 20 lbs. and got healthier. I know Paul McCartney sometimes eats at a vegan restaurant in southeast florida. For a list of vegan celebrities go to:

As a vegan I eat veggies, fruits, grains, beans and more. I try to eat healthy. Now if I have a craving for some junk food, some of the regular products that they sell in the supermarket are vegan. For example, Oreos and Twizzlers are vegan. More at: 


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