My diet 06-24-09

Some say my vegan diet is too extreme or alarming. Well it’s extreme only if you compare it to the fattening, animal-based, cholesterol-laden, typical American diet that promotes disease. My diet is plant-based, natural and several studies have proved it’s a very healthy way to eat. I’ve read over a dozen nutrition books. Some are on my list on amazon. The thing that’s crazy is that most Americans following a typical American diet don’t know more about what they’re eating. And most people are eating processed foods (genetically modified), microwaved foods (nukes the nutrients) or odd artificial ingredients (that are most likely harmful).

Eat more naturally. Want an example of what I eat? Here’s what I ate for dinner and snacks on 06/24/09.

Dinner: Romaine lettuce, carrots, chickpeas with some cooked spinach, green snap peas, onion, corn and black beans. Delicious, nutritious and filling. (4 WW pts)



Fruit in evening:
Cantaloupe, red grapes and nectarine. Lots of vitamins. (2 WW pts.)



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