My diet 06-27-09

June 28, 2009

What do I eat as a vegan? Here’s what I had for lunch on 6/27/09:

Lunch: Black beans, corn, sweet potato, mashed potatoes, veggies (carrots, green beans, snap peas, yellow squash), chickpeas with red pepper and onion and spinach, sesame seeds, and orzo pasta. Also a spoonful of tabouli.


Later I had lots of fruit (red & green apple slices, grapes, cantaloupe, and blackberries). I think I ate just about every color of the rainbow today. =)


My diet 06-26-09

June 26, 2009

Hi, Here’s what I ate for my vegan diet on 6/26/09:

Lunch: Ancient inca salad wrap (Quinoa, black beans, lettuce, carrots, vegannaise, a little of red peppers, in a whole wheat tortilla wrap). 1 serving of mint Green tea that has 100% DV for Vitamin C.


Dinner: Romaine lettuce salad with sliced almonds and sesame seeds, Veggie Spring Rolls, and steamed veggies (peas, baby corn and carrots).


Snacks: Banana, WW bar and 1 serving of mint Green Tea.
Total daily WW points: 24 (right on target).

My diet 06-25-09

June 25, 2009

Do you know if what you’re eating is truly healthy for you and fulfulling your daily nutritional needs?

Here’s what I ate today on my vegan diet:

Lunch: Sweet potatoes, sauteed veggies (carrots, zucchini, squash, cabbage, oil for sautee) and tomato brown rice. (9 WW pts.) Also had a serving of mint green tea (1 pt). For a total of 10 WW points.


Vitamin content:
– These Sweet Potatoes have 769% Daily Value for Vitamin A, 65% DV for Vit. C, 8% DV for iron, 8% DV for calcium, 4 grams for protein, 29% DV for vit. B6, 50% DV for manganese, 14% DV for magnesium, 11% DV for phosphorus, 950 mg or 27% DV for potassium, 4% DV zinc, 15% DV niacin, 14% DV thiamin, 7% DV for Vit. E, 6% DV Vit. K, 14% DV for carbs, 7 g of fiber (26% DV), 8 mg of Omega 3’s, 180 calories, 0 fat and 0 cholesterol.
– 1 serving of mint Green Tea: 100% DV for Vitamin C, 6% DV for iron, 5% DV for carbs, 0 fat and 60 calories.
– brown rice’s vitamins: (2 g fat, 218 calories, 4 g fiber (14%DV), 25.4 g Omega 3’s, 45.8 g carbs (15%dv), calcium 2% DV, iron 6% DV, 5 g protein, pantothenic acid 8%, Vit. B6 15%, niacin 13% DV, Thiamin 13% DV, riboflavin 1%DV, folate 2% DV, magnesium 21% dv, phosphorus 15% dv, potassium 4% dv, zinc 8% dv, copper 8% dv, manganese 107% DV. 4 WW points.)
– veggies: 2 WW pts. Containing cabbage: 23 calories, 0 fat, 2 g fiber, 6 g carb, 1.3 g protein, Vit. A 2% dv, Vit. C 62% dv, calcium 5% dv, iron 1% dv, 14 mg Omega 3, Vit. E 1% dv, Vit. K 136% dv, thiamin 4% dv, riboflavin 2% dv, niacin 1% dv, folate 8% dv, pantothenic acid 2% dv, magnesium 4% dv, phosphorus 3% dv, 196 mg potassium 6%dv, zinc 1%dv, copper 1% dv, manganese 10% dv);
Carrots: 27 calories, 2 g fiber (9% dv), 0 fat, 6 g carbs, 1 g protein, Vit. A 266% DV, Vit. C 5% DV, Calcium 2% DV, iron 1% dv, .8 mg Omega 3, Vit. E 4%, Vit. K 13%, thiamin 3%, riboflavin 2%, niacin 3%, Vit. B6 6%dv, folate 3%dv, pantothenic acid 2% dv, 183 mg potassium 5% dv, zinc 1% dv, copper 1% dv, manganese 6% dv, selenium 1% dv.

Snack: Weight Watchers candy bar. (150 calories, 9 fat, 3 fiber, 60 mg potassium (2% DV), 16 carb (5% dv), Vit. A 2% DV, Calcium 6% Daily Value. 3 WW points).

– 8 oz of almond milk  (3 g. fat, 40 calories, 1 g. fiber, 190 potassium (5% DV), 2 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 1 g protein, Vit. A 10% DV, Calcium 20% DV, Vit. D 25% DV, Vit. E 50% DV, Phosphorus 4% DV, Magnesium 4% DV. 1 WW point.)
– 1 cup of Smart Start cereal in o.a. (190 calories, .5 g fat, Vit. A 25% DV with 10% DV of beta carotene, Vit. C 25% DV, Potassium 90mg (3% DV), iron 100% DV, Vit. D 10% DV, Vit. E 100%, Vit. B6 and B12 100%, thiamin 100%, riboflavin 100%, niacin 100%, folic acid 10%, pantothenic acid 10%, Zinc 100%, phosphorus 8% DV, Magnesium 6% DV. (3 WW points).
-12 ounce glass of organic orange juice. (165 calories, 0 fat, 0 fiber, 675 mg potassium 19.5% dv, 39 g carbs 13.5%dv, 3 g protein, calcium 52.5% DV, Vit. C 180% dv, Vit. D 37.5% dv, niacin 6% dv, thiamine 15% dv, vit. B6 9%dv, folate 22.5% dv.) 3 wW points.

-fruit (3 strawberries. 0 ww pts.).
-1 ounce of almonds (160 calories, 14 g. fat, 3 g fiber, 200mg potassium 6%dv, 6g protein, calcium 6%dv, iron 6% dv, Vit. E 25% dv, riboflavin 15%dv, phosphorus 15% dv, magnesium 20%dv, copper 15% dv, manganese 35% daily value). 4 WW points.

Today’s totals:
Weight Watchers points: 24 points. (right on target)
Calories: 1213
Fat: 28.5 g (I think only 21% of my day’s calories are from fat)
Cholesterol: 0
Protein: 20.3 grams
Fiber: 22 grams
Omega 3’s: 48.2 mg
Vitamin C: 437% Daily Value
Calcium: 101.5% DV
Vitamin A: 1074% DV
Iron: 101.5% DV
Vitamin D: 72.5% DV
Vitamin B6: 159% DV
Manganese: 218% DV
Magnesium: 69% DV
Phosphorus: 56% DV
Potassium: 72.5% DV
Zinc: 114% DV
Niacin: 138% DV
Thiamin: 149% DV
Vitamin E: 142% DV
Vitamin K: 155% DV
Copper: 25% DV
Selenium: 1% DV
Folic acid(folate): 45.5% DV
Panthothetic acid: 22% DV
Riboflavin: 120% DV
Vitamin B12: 100% DV

I basically listed the vitamin values so that I can see what I get or need.

My diet 06-24-09

June 25, 2009

Some say my vegan diet is too extreme or alarming. Well it’s extreme only if you compare it to the fattening, animal-based, cholesterol-laden, typical American diet that promotes disease. My diet is plant-based, natural and several studies have proved it’s a very healthy way to eat. I’ve read over a dozen nutrition books. Some are on my list on amazon. The thing that’s crazy is that most Americans following a typical American diet don’t know more about what they’re eating. And most people are eating processed foods (genetically modified), microwaved foods (nukes the nutrients) or odd artificial ingredients (that are most likely harmful).

Eat more naturally. Want an example of what I eat? Here’s what I ate for dinner and snacks on 06/24/09.

Dinner: Romaine lettuce, carrots, chickpeas with some cooked spinach, green snap peas, onion, corn and black beans. Delicious, nutritious and filling. (4 WW pts)



Fruit in evening:
Cantaloupe, red grapes and nectarine. Lots of vitamins. (2 WW pts.)


What I do and do not eat

June 12, 2009

When I tell some people that I’m now vegan and following the Engine 2 diet they wonder what I do and do not eat. So here’s a list.

The Engine 2 diet which is vegan has these rules which I follow:
-no animals (meat, chicken, fish). Basically if it has a face, I don’t eat it.
-no dairy products or anything from animals. (no butter, milk, cheese, etc. Animals and animal based products contain alot of cholesterol and can lead to disease)
-no oil (fattening)
-try to eat foods with 25% or less fat.

So I eat:
-organic fruits (raspberries, bananas, apples, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, etc.)
-vegetables (sweet potatoes, spinach, romaine lettuce, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers and other vegetables. I try to eat at least one salad a day.)
-whole grains
-nuts and seeds
-herbs & spices
-Meat replacements (seitan) and dairy replacements (for non-dairy milk I like Almond Milk)
-nutritional yeast (found at health food store. It acts like a cheese replacement and has alot of B12 in it which is the one ingredient vegetarians/vegans are concerned with the most)

*I want the majority of what I eat to be organic fruits and vegetables.

Personal food dislikes:
-I also don’t eat soy/tofu or soy based products since I heard that soy is bad for you and can also affect hormones.
-I also don’t like: broccoli, mushrooms, beets, coconut (sometimes organic coconut tastes okay), wine, coffee, tempeh, prunes or raisins.
-I’m also trying to reduce my consumption of rice since that is very mucus forming in the body.

Good websites for healthy recipes: (they have a free recipe forum that follows the diet)

Favorite restaurants to eat at:
-Any place that has a salad buffet where I can make my own salad
such as Sweet Tomatoes, Jason’s Deli, Ruby Tuesday, etc.

By the way, I’ve also been going to “Weight Watchers at Work” meetings since january and am keeping track of my daily WW points. I like the support.