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January 26, 2009


Click the button on that webpage and food will be donated to the hungry. You don’t have to do anything else except click on that button that says “click here to give. it’s free”.


January 26, 2009

Reservatrol for anti-cancer and longevity.

“Grapes are a prime source of reservatrol. Smaller but appreciable concentrations of the compound are found in red, white and rose wines, with the highest levels in red wine. Health benefits have previously been associated with moderate levels of wine consumption, particularly in terms of reduced risk of heart attack. Other natural sources high in reservatrol include mulberries and peanuts.

The researchers discovered reservatrol’s ability to inhibit cancer progression by treating human cancer cells (promyelocytic leukemia) with the compound. The diseased cells reverted to normal cells after treatment with reservatrol. In animal studies involving tumor-bearing mice, reservatrol proved effective against three major stages of cancer development: initiation (DNA in a cell is mutated), promotion (the affected cell becomes a cancer cell) and progression (cancer cells form a tumor and spread). Tests showed that reservatrol is an effective anti-inflammatory agent and inhibitor of cyclooxygenase, which plays a key role in tumor cell growth.

“What’s unusual is that anti-inflammatory agents often are solely anti-tumor promoters. Reservatrol has the added benefit of demonstrating anti-initiation and anti-progression activity,” Pezzuto said.”

here’s the full article for the quote above

“In grapes, resveratrol is found primarily in the skin and seeds. This is particularly true for muscadine grapes, whose skin and seeds have been reported to have about one hundred times the concentration as the pulp.”…Also “A Mississippi State University nutritionist reported that a purée of muscadine skins and pulp is an excellent source also of dietary fiber, essential minerals and carbohydrates and is low in fat. Muscadine purée powder has more dietary fiber than oat or rice bran.” (source)

I saw a 60 minutes episode last night that said that Reservatrol can help improve health and extend longevity in mice and there’s potential for humans. Sirtris Pharmaceuticals is still studying it. They’re also studying calorie restriction to prolong life. All that I advocate is you reading up on reservatrol and making a decision for yourself about it.

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Baptisms and organized religion are crazy

January 22, 2009

My thoughts on baptism and organized religion:

As for baptisms, I don’t believe in them. It’s just based on superstition. That you had to wash away your sins. A newborn child could not commit sins because he/she is not yet conscious of what he/she is doing. Baptism is done for the remission of sins. Also, the original sin does not exist anymore because Christ (if you believe in him) sacrificed His own life for the forgiveness of our sins when He was crucified.

I do not belong to any organized religion either. It’s all just myth. Before jesus/christ, numerous gods were just like him…born from a virgin, died on a cross, rose after 3 days, etc. etc. etc. Yet they don’t tell you that. The bible was also written over hundreds of years by many people. Everybody would add their own little stories/myths. And I think that any religion or philosophy which is based on the fear of being tortured for eternity (hell) because of some godling’s displeasure is psychologically diseased. Unfortunately people believe the false stories they’re told.

Alternative: Wake up and think for yourself. Question everything.

Interesting videos

January 19, 2009

Here’s some interesting video clips:

1) The first video has the first half of it explaining the current corrupt economic & gov’t systems and how we’re all enslaved by it and corporations and the second half of it suggests an alternative way of the world, a more sustainable one. Lists things we can do. It’s at: http://s1.zetaboards.com/LooseChangeForums/topic/711927/1/  (unfortunately the new alternative they propose can be corrupted easily and if we all had to report to people who controlled the technology then there’s a possibility that we would all be slaves to their power, greed and control.) 

2) The second video is about 9/11: http://loosechange911.com/finalcut/ 

3) The third video is about religion and more: