28 causes of cancer

Here’s the 28 causes of cancer (and degenerative diseases. according to Dr. Group):

1) Industrial toxins (mercury, arsenic, aluminum, etc.)
2) Polluted water (poisonous fluoride is in the tap water in the US but outlawed in some countries overseas due to its toxicity. Toxins & Prescription drugs are in water. Do not drink tap water.)
3) Tobacco and smoking (tobacco plants are sprayed with poisons)
4) Hormone therapies (birth control pills, hormones in milk and cheese, etc.)
5) Immune suppressive drugs (most drugs shut down immune system by up to 50%)
6) Vaccines (everyone should avoid ALL vaccines. They’re filled with poisons and garbage.)
7) Parasites (everyone should cleanse internally since most people have parasites)
8 ) Viruses
9) Blocked detoxification pathways (exercise and cleanse yourself internally)
10) Cellular Oxygen Deficencies
11) Excessive Fat Intake
12) Excessive Carb/Sugar Intake
13) Excessive Alcohol Intake
14) Caffeine (caffeine is acidic)
15) Chronic Stress
16) Toxic Emotions
17) Intestinal Toxicity/Digestive Impairment (cleanse internally. Start with OxyPowder. It works.)
18 ) Irradiated Foods (basically some food manufacturers pass your food through some nuclear facility and it gets sterilized by the radiation. But zapping anything causes it to form free radicals that can give you cancer. And just the living bacteria in the food disappear so you have no way of detecting that the food is old. It will magically look like it will last forever and is healthy when it is not. It’s basically toxic for your body. It went through radiation.)
19) Microwaved Foods
20) Food Additives
21) Mercury (mercury tooth fillings, mercury in tuna, etc.)
22) Dental Factors
23) Nerve Interference Fields (like in spine. Go to chiropractor for adjustments)
24) Diet and Nutritional Deficiences
25) Cellular Terrain (ie: your body’s PH is unbalanced/acidic)
26) Uncogenes (ie: genes that transform from regular cells into cancer cells)
27) Genetic Predisposition
28 ) Myasm (A taint of a past relative’s predisposition still in your body)

-For more info and prevention tips, see the Radio/tv/online audio interviews from Dr. Group, click here. (Make sure you have time since there’s many of them and they’re lengthy).

-Top prevention tips: Get rid of your microwave and also cleanse yourself internally. Also Dr. Group’s dvd called “The Secret to Health” is also very informative so you can understand your body. Also eat organic food.


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