Whiteboard markers stink

Do you have a whiteboard in your office with whiteboard markers that stink and possibly make you nauseous? Most office workers are plagued by toxic fumes emanating from the stinky tips of whiteboard markers. Indeed that scent is most likely indicative of the harmful chemical, xylene, which diminishes Indoor Air Quality in classrooms and workspaces – noted for its detrimental effects on the brain. That’s not to mention the millions of disposable markers made with PVC cylinders that clog landfills each year.

Luckily, we don’t have to forego the markers for the whiteboard. In fact, there’s a refillable/100% recyclable alternative that’s non-toxic (no xylene here!) and fume free. AusPen whiteboard markers are also made using recycled aluminum, can go cap-free for 48 hours without drying out, and are said to work really well. And I believe that the AusPen from EcoSmart World is also dual tipped so it supposedly lasts twice as long. (Hmm…maybe I’ll get a pack and share)


What kinds of other consumer products may contain the chemical Xylene? Click the link to find out. 

Note: if you have xylene in your indoor air, then get a houseplant that’s specifically good at removing Xylene from the air such as an Areca Palm, a Dwarf date palm, or a Moth Orchid (Phalenopsis orchid. The ones with the leaves only at the base). 

Source of plant recommendations: The book “How to grow fresh air: 50 houseplants that purify your home or office”.


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