Are you eating untested genetically engineered food?


If you shop at regular supermarkets or eat out, you’re most likely eating Genetically Engineered Foods (“GE Food”). Untested and largely unregulated, GE crops are controversial not only in Europe and other industrialized countries, but in the developing world as well. At least 40 countries around the world have restricted GE farming and ingredients in foods by requiring mandatory labeling, while a number of nations and regions have banned genetically modified organisms in agriculture altogether. But they are sold in the US and most people unknowingly eat these scientifically modified, untested foods.

-Eat organic food and shop at health food stores.
-check online for what food is GE food or non-GE food.
Here’s one site that has a list of GE and non-GE foods.

Other links:
The Campaign to label GE food.
Another site about GE food. 
A really cool Flash animation about GE foods and Kraft. 


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