Cancer causing cosmetics

May 30, 2008


I recently found out that the majority of women’s makeup/cosmetics contain cancer causing or other harmful kinds of ingredients. That’s just plain crazy. I can’t believe that US companies sell beauty products with these harmful ingredients in them when they know that our skin soaks up most of what is put on it. (The European Union made up of 25 european countries has banned hundreds of toxic chemicals in personal care products but not the U.S.)

As consumers we assume that if a product is on the store shelf it has been tested for safety, otherwise it would not be there, right? Wrong! The FDA does not regulate the cosmetics industry. Under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act the ingredients in cosmetics are not required to obtain any prior approval before being sold to consumers.

A list of some harmful ingredients in makeup can be found at:

Needless to say, I’m now trying to stay away from those toxic chemicals especially in my makeup and personal beauty products but it hasn’t been easy.

One site that helps is which is called Skin Deep and which lists the ingredients in makeup and beauty products and ranks the safety of the product. 


Some natural or organic makeup products I use are from: (I like their tinted moisturizer the best. It’s a great organic foundation. They also have a creme stain (blush/lipstick) that’s great. I plan to try more of their products.) (organic mineral makeup) (she will happily answer any questions) (I only use the talc-free products in this line. Available at drugstores) (some health food stores may have their products) (sold in some health food stores like Wild Oats) (try to find out the ingredients of their product you want to buy.)

Other good makeup companies I know of: (nvey’s eco organic makeup)
one website with more than one brand (australian)

With any makeup, always read the ingredients and decide what is right for you.

A blog I like that recommends/reviews organic beauty products is:
In additon to her blog, she also has video reviews of organic beauty products on Here’s some I like:
her video review of Afterglow Cosmetics’ organic lip love lipstick.
her video review of SukiColor’s tinted moisturizer and mascara.
(by the way, both of those companies offer samples on their websites)

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Also be aware that it’s not just products for women that are dangerous, skincare, haircare and other personal products for children and men also contain dangerous chemicals. Your best bet is to find organic products such as at a health food store.